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MS Materials Consulting has a large experience in the field of metallic materials performance, reinforced concrete and corrosion engineering and are committed to providing high quality consulting services on time and on budget concerning materials performance and durability in the different phases of infrastructure and buildings implementation, design, construction and maintenance.


Our mission is to promote the corrosion prevention since the design and the proactive maintenance of structures giving specific consulting services on materials selection, materials performance and durability evaluation and giving guidance on optimized practices for mitigation of materials degradation processes helping structures owners to construct and maintain their structures cost effectively during all their service life.


Our consulting service strategy intend to partner with our clients to identify and address materials problems in their structures at the right time so that owners can obtain the maximum benefit at the lowest cost for their maintenance. Our main purpose is to help owners of structures to keep their buildings and infrastructure key assets working well and at same time saving “headaches and money” as they seek to ensure or improve the sustainability of their structures.

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Durability Design

Development of engineering specifications on materials for durability design and tenders of new or repaired structures and building components

Materials Pathology

Diagnosis of metallic materials pathology, main causes and recommendations about the degradation evolution.

Protection Systems

Specification of repairing and protection systems to prevent or mitigate corrosion in structures or in metallic components.

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What our clients ask

What kind of requirements the maintenance plans for metallic components in structures and building systems and components should include, for example about periodic conservation procedures, products to use, cleaning procedures,…?

How to specify on tenders the materials requirements and the quality control of materials and protection systems during construction?

Specification in tenders of materials for all type of building metallic components and systems , namely, for façades, windows, water supply systems, roofs ,…

Why and how a metallic element or components fail?

Why the metallic roof fail in short time?

Why a stainless element corrodes?

Why the rupture of metallic component or element occurs?

How to treat and protect metallic materials with corrosion already installed?


What are the most adequate coating system for steel protection in a specific environmental condition?

Is it necessary to remove all existent paint?


prevention and maintenance


By avoiding expensive replacement, maintenance saves owners millions by identifying, addressing, and preventing since de design and construction phases the corrosion problems. Emergency repairs are much more expensive than proactive maintenance.

Environmental beneficial

By providing alternatives to large-scale replacement projects, in-depth evaluation and preservation techniques are instrumental in reducing carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions.

Crucial to enabling Service Life Goals

By providing owners with vital information about performance materials since the design phase it equips owners to take the best decisions since design and also to create comprehensive plans to save significant long-term costs to meet service life extension goals.

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