Durability Design

Development of engineering specifications on materials for durability design and tenders of new or repaired structures and building components and guides for materials selection, having in consideration different main factors concerning environment, material,prevention and protection systems and design details and execution.


  • Environment Com base na análise ambiental
    Environmental factors can directly affect materials performance and corrosion. Corrosion mitigation strategies can be developed and implemented when the environmental analysis determines that corrosion risks are sufficient to warrant them.


  • Material
    Proper selection of materials is a critical component in minimizing corrosion risk. Based on the environmental analysis, the material requirements to minimize or eliminate corrosion must be specified. Potential interaction between dissimilar materials use and the design recommendations having this in consideration to eliminate or minimize the impact of dissimilar metals in a product, construction component or a structure.


  • Prevention and protection systems
    Use of adequate preventive protection systems are very important on design to minimize corrosion risk. Recommendations for the proper protection systems to optimize cost and effectiveness along service life must be essential for new or structures already in service needing maintenance.


  • Design details and specific requirements during execution and construction phase is very important to avoid conditions to promote local corrosion and defects on protection systems.