Manuela Salta


Manuela Salta, is consultant in materials performance and durability with specific focus on durability of reinforced concrete structures and corrosion and protection of metallic materials. Born in 1951, she studied Chemistry Engineering at IST in Lisbon and graduated in 1975. She enters LNEC as research assistant in 1978 and finished her LNEC´s research career with jubilation in December 2014: During the last 15 years she had the position of principal senior researcher and head of Metallic Materials Division of LNEC Materials Department. Between 1975 and 1978 she was also assistant at Chemistry Engineering Department of Coimbra University. After entered LNEC she developed research activity on the fields of electrochemical techniques and corrosion and protection of materials and she submit a PhD thesis in 1987 on “Electrochemical methods for concrete corrosion evaluation” and in 1999 she submit to public evaluation context a research program on “Corrosion prevention in reinforced concrete structures “ to get the position of principal senior researcher. Afterwards she was project leader of several research projects and coordinates consultant and technical work at LNEC in the field of construction materials performance and corrosion protection of metallic materials. She presented her research results in numerous papers and invited lectures at international conferences and published more than 100 hundred scientific papers in national and international technical journals and published more than 250 technical reports concerning the result of consultant work.



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Research and scientific coordination

Since 1985 her research activities at LNEC were mainly concentrated in the field of durability of reinforced concrete and metallic structures. She has the coordination of LNEC team in corrosion and protection of materials and metallic materials performance. She also had the co-orientation of more than 25 master and PhD thesis in collaboration with Portuguese universities and also from Spain and France.

Consultant activities

During her career at LNEC she was responsible for several consultant works involving: durability design and materials selection for new big structures and structures repairing; diagnosis of structures condition and causes of pathology and development of recommendations on the best methodologies for maintenance and repairing of important existing buildings, bridges and other infrastructures. Since 1989, based in specific research performed on corrosion monitoring she also developed and design new corrosion monitoring systems for reinforced concrete structures which were applied at least in 12 big structures including bridges and buildings in Portugal and also in France, Cabo Verde and Angola.

International organizations

During her research career at LNEC she actively participates in several international Cost Actions, namely, COST 521 “Concrete corrosion”and Cost 534: “New Materials and Systems for Pre-stressed Concrete Structures” and RILEM Technical commitees ., RILEM TC 154 and RILEM CTC. She is member of the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC), RILEM and of Portuguese Materials Society.

She also participate in several international research projects co-financed by EC and also by iberoamerican programs (CHLORTEST, HYPER, MEDACHS, DURAR, DURACON, MEDACHS and DURATINET). She was the leader of the project DURATINET (2009-2013) co-financed by Atlantic Area Program which has the participation of 17 members.

She participated in the organization of several international and national congresses and seminars


She is author and co-author of more than 350 scientific and technical publications.